Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Market continued drop

Wow, this is a bigger drop than I thought it'll be. Its crashed through a couple support points already.

Momentum is still heavily negative and haven't shown signs of rebounding yet. No buys without a hedge plan. Wait for indicators to turn more positive.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Market Momentum Slowing

Hm, several indicators have started to show significant slowing of momentum.

Its not quite yet showing a reversal but be on guard for it. Pretty significant run up lately too so hopefully a quick dip down will provide some buying opportunity.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Trend Upwards

Market trending upwards for about a week now. Several indicators crossed over last week. Time to buy some more and hope for a bottom?

Some ideas:

Sell IEF: at profit right now but will drop if market rises.

C: Good potential, 20% if it hits its old levels.

GE: Hasn't taken off yet but indicators have turned green. Isn't far from its bottom either so potential good returns. Option play...? (again).

GOOG: Same as GE but since already purchased, don't want to add any more for now?

EEM/EWZ: These has increased a lot since their lows. Only 10% if it returns to its previous highs. Not too much upside honestly, sorta disappointing.

UCO: Strong strong technicals. Still potential for 40% return if it goes to old highs. Maybe add small position?

VZ: Increased pretty strong, looks like it can break the 30 barrier, just closed above 50 dma. Do i want to add more though consider all the losses I've had on it?