Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Trend Upwards

Market trending upwards for about a week now. Several indicators crossed over last week. Time to buy some more and hope for a bottom?

Some ideas:

Sell IEF: at profit right now but will drop if market rises.

C: Good potential, 20% if it hits its old levels.

GE: Hasn't taken off yet but indicators have turned green. Isn't far from its bottom either so potential good returns. Option play...? (again).

GOOG: Same as GE but since already purchased, don't want to add any more for now?

EEM/EWZ: These has increased a lot since their lows. Only 10% if it returns to its previous highs. Not too much upside honestly, sorta disappointing.

UCO: Strong strong technicals. Still potential for 40% return if it goes to old highs. Maybe add small position?

VZ: Increased pretty strong, looks like it can break the 30 barrier, just closed above 50 dma. Do i want to add more though consider all the losses I've had on it?

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