Thursday, 13 January 2011

List of Commodity Based ETFs

  • Broad commodity indexes and baskets are available via ETFs (GCC, GSG, DBC) and ETNs (UCI, GSC, DJP, GSP). There's also a leveraged broad commodity ETF (UCD), a leveraged broad commodity ETN (DYY), and a double-short broad commodity ETF (CMD) and ETN (DEE).
  • Agricultural commodities include cocoa (NIB), coffee (JO), cotton (BAL) and sugar (SGG) -- all ETNs. Agriculatural commodity baskets cover livestock (UBC, COW), grains (JJG, GRU), softs -- ie. coffee, cotton and sugar -- (JJS), biofuels (FUE) and food (FUD). Broader agricultural indexes are also available via ETF (DBA) or ETN (UAG, JJA, RJA). Don't confuse agricultural commodity ETFs/ETNs with ETFs which track the stocks of companies in the agricultural commodity business (CUT, MOO).
  • Industrial commodities include aluminum (JJU), copper (JJC), lead (LD), nickel (JJN) and tin (JJT) -- all ETNs. Industrial metals baskets are also available via ETF (DBB) and ETF (UBM, JJM, RJZ). As with agriculture, ETFs are available which track the stocks of companies in the industrial commodities business (PKOL, KOL, SLX, HAP).
  • Oil is available as a simple long (USO, USL, OIL, DBO, OLO), leveraged long (UCO), short (SZO, DNO) and double short (DTO, SCO). There are also simple long ETFs for heating oil (UHN) and gasoline (UGA). Natural gas is available as an ETF (UNL, UNG) or ETN (GAZ). Energy commodity baskets are available as an ETF (DBE) or ETN (UBN, RJN, JJE).
  • Precious metals are available as baskets (DBP, PSAU) or individual metals. Gold is available as a simple long (GLD, IAU, SGOL, DGL, UBG), leveraged long (DGP, UGL), short (DGZ) and double short (DZZ, GLL) position. Silver, too, is available as a simple long (SLV, SIVR, DBS, USFV), leveraged long (AGQ) and double short (ZSL) position. Platinum comes as a simple long (PPLT, PTM, PGM) and short (PTD). Palladium comes only as a simple long (PALL). Like the other commodities, you can buy ETFs containing gold and silver related stocks -- the gold miners and junior gold miners (GDX, GDXJ).

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