Monday, 10 September 2012

ETF YTD Performance Update

From Bespoke Invest, here is a concise chart showing the performance of various ETF's year to date performance.

Nasdaq (QQQ) leads the pack but in general, all the US based market indices did well from the SPY to the Russell, etc.  International stocks were quite a bit more mixed with Germany and Mexico returning great gains of 14.4% and 16.8% respectively while Spain and Brazil lead the pack on the negative side with -8.1% and -6.3% with China following closely at -6.1%.

Commodities has been mixed as well with Gold and Silver being the winners at 8.5% and 17.6% while Natural Gas continues its downslide at -27.9%,  Treasuries and bonds overall have also performed middling well, with a range of 1-3%, though it trails the S&P yearly gains significantly.

Interesting recap but if you're planning to trade based on this data, remember to mind the Means Reversion...

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