Friday, 26 October 2012

Samsung Results - Huge Profits

While Apple is well known as being perhaps the most profitable company in the world, its earning report yesterday actually disappointed, reporting only net income of $8.2 billion.  Its stock is down significantly.  Meanwhile, another competitor is quickly catching up.

As I mentioned in my Marketwatch article and post recently, of the major competitors and components, one of the best ways to profit from the smartphone and tablet revolution without investing in Apple is Samsung.  With tremendous profits from its leading Galaxy line of Android products, Samsung just reported a net income of $6 billion, a steep increase from previous years.

Several market research sites are clearly finding growing presence of Android tablets as well, which may have been partly the cause of Apple's disappointing iPad sales.

So as I mentioned before, Samsung is a great way to invest in the electronics industry as they are slowly eating Apple's lunch.  How do you invest in Samsung?  Not that easy if you're not in Korea.  The simplest way is again, EWY, the South Korea ETF which has a large Samsung weighing.

    Strategy Analytics claims Android is up to 41 percent of tablets in Q3, iPad may feel the heat

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