Monday, 25 February 2013

Additional Graphs on Gold

My most recent article on Marketwatch has gone up and I wanted to use my blog to add in some more of the data and charts from my study here for those who wish to go more into detail.  So keep checking over the next several days as I add more info.

First up, while the data chart here just lists the overall performance at the specified intervals, that doesn't capture the full picture of the profile.

People like charts because it gives them a more full picture and perspective, for those people, I give you this chaotic chart below plotting all 18 (minus the one we just entered) death crosses since 1979 that I have in my study.  When plotted this way, you can see how there's only a couple of points that are outliers and most fall within a relatively narrow trading range between +5% and -5%.

Now 5% changes are relatively large but far from the sky is falling rhetoric.  If there is sufficient interest, I can do a similar one for the golded crosses as well. 

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