Friday, 1 March 2013

USD Yen Exchange Charts

Its all over the news for the last few months for those in the currency trade, the Yen is climbing and it doesn't look to be looking back as Japan is making signs that its serious this time about the strong yen.  How big has the move been?  Here's a couple of charts.

This is the 2 year chart, and the Yen has risen 13% from 2 yrs and 15% vs 1 yr ago.  That's a big move in the currency world.

The 5 yr chart shows just how much the Yen has dropped, it was over 110 about 5 yrs ago.  While the market may be taking a small breather, there's no question that the yen is still too strong for both where the Japan economy is and where it needs to be.  Don't have numbers to back it up but my feel is that the yen will get back to at least parity to the penny (at 100) at minimum at some point in the future.  Its an export economy that will (and is) being crushed without a "currency manipulation".

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