Sunday, 30 June 2013

Microsoft Surface Review

Microsoft Surface Pro Review

I been playing with the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Pro lately and thought I’ll post a mini review for those who are in the market. 


·         Having a fully functioning windows and programs like Office is a huge huge benefit
·         The type keyboard is surprisingly good, much better than I expected
·         Great build quality on the tablet, they definitely paid attention to this
·         Great display, high resolution and great viewing angles
·         A USB port is a god send
·         The stylus is surprisingly good, and useful (though most Windows programs and apps don’t take full advantage of its capabilities yet)


·    While not a complete disaster, Windows 8 is HIGHLY annoying, there’s just so many things in it that are changed pointlessly and randomly
·     Highly disjointed experience between the tablet and desktop UIs.  Its just incredibly disorientating switching between these.
·      Battery life – pretty dismal, 3-4 hrs in my normal usage, very disappointing compared to my Nexus tablet and my iPad (yes I have all 3 ecosystems…haha)
·      Apps are pretty lacking in breadth and depth
·     Heat – my god, this tablet gets hot, not burning hot but a constant my hand and legs are starting to overheat hot after holding it even for a short time.
·      Type cover is ugly - the non-key side looks and feels like mouse fur - MS, why not leather or plastic?

My overall review?  Good potential but the first generation is seriously lacking.  Wait for Surface Pro 2 with Intel Haswell processors and Windows 8.1 OS, hopefully they’ll fix some of the problems in the current.  I can’t really honestly suggest buying it unless you really really need Office and Windows on the go which to be honest, you can do just as well with an ultrabook (my personal fav is the Samsung Series 9). 

On a side note, I think I have way too many tech gadgets…

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