Wednesday, 12 June 2013

US Futures Dropping w/ Asia

Asia markets are on a big fall as of this post, it remains to be seen how well they'll recover by the end of their trading day but its a bit scary right now the weakness in international markets.

Asia Region

Index NameValueChange% ChangeTime
S&P Asia 50 CME3,316.74-5.14-0.15%05:41:03
Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo Price Index TOPIX1,053.38-43.16-3.94%22:22:49
Nikkei 22512,592.53-696.79-5.24%22:22:15
Hong Kong Hang Seng Index20,705.79-648.87-3.04%22:27:54
Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 Index2,394.98-89.18-3.59%22:28:09
Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index2,141.80-67.15-3.04%22:27:29
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Composite Index946.86-36.60-3.72%22:28:09
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Component Index8,445.96-317.65-3.62%22:28:13
Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index7,998.16-117.99-1.45%22:27:16
Korea Stock Exchange KOSPI Index1,889.56-20.35-1.07%22:43:10
S&P/ASX 2004,674.30-50.15-1.06%22:27:35
National Stock Exchange CNX Nifty Index5,760.20-28.60-0.49%07:06:09
S&P BSE India Sensex Index19,041.13-101.87-0.53%06:30:03
Straits Times Index STI3,103.13-50.35-1.60%22:27:44
FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index1,757.71-17.41-0.98%22:27:30
Stock Exchange of Thailand SET Index1,433.47-19.16-1.32%06:07:00
Jakarta Stock Exchange Composite Index4,607.14-90.75-1.93%22:28:03
New Zealand Exchange 50 Gross Index4,406.05-36.07-0.81%22:22:50
Philippines Stock Exchange PSEi Index6,290.73-265.92-4.06%22:43:00

And US futures are starting to drop right along side them.  It'll be an interesting night and morning tomorrow...

Index FutureFuture DateLastNet ChangeOpenHighLowTime
Dow Jones Indus. AvgJun 1314,914.00-64.0014,986.0014,989.0014,914.0022:28:09
S&P 500Jun 131,602.30-7.601,611.201,611.701,601.3022:27:24
NASDAQ 100Jun 132,908.50-11.752,916.502,916.502,908.0022:20:32

For those of you with iron stomachs and risk appetite to match...people are going to become fearful soon.

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